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Fernanda has been a driving force in shaping the underground music scene, not only in her native Chile but also across the vibrant landscape of South America.

Her relocation to Europe marked a pivotal moment in her career, catalyzing an evolution of her unique sound as a producer and elevating her performances to new heights.

You may have caught her enthralling sets at renowned festivals and venues such as Primavera Sound, Lollapalooza, Le Sucre, Renate, and her residency at Café Berlin just to name a few.

Inspired by the pulsating synthesizers of the 80s and 90s, dynamic drum machines, and infectious Latin rhythms, Fernanda's DJ sets effortlessly traverse the realms of techno, house, and electro. This distinctive sonic identity is not only reflected in her performances but also resonates in the carefully curated releases on her label, "United Colors of Rhythm."

Fernanda's discography is a testament to her prowess, with notable releases on esteemed platforms like Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs and Pets Recordings. Her recent EPs, "Sabor a Disco" and "Idolos," showcase her musical finesse. Collaborations with Bawrut and Persona RS have garnered widespread acclaim, earning support from fellow artists and music enthusiasts alike.

As we look ahead to 2024, Fernanda's trajectory continues to shine brightly with upcoming releases on Bristol’s Shall Not Fade and Permanent Vacation.


Marc Gimeno
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