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Amsterdam born and raised artist Masalo has been enriching the local and international dance landscape by bringing a truthful and stylistic approach in music. With roots in Japan, his diversified upbringing is strongly translated into his musical output. Masalo’s DJing is proof of this hybridism, unearthing organic music from the past and combining them with new era dance music in a seamless way. His tour de force Dekmantel Boiler Room, along a full touring schedule of club and festival appearances, has moved and inspired dance music culture around the world.

Masalo’s production art embodies the same spirit, where hybridism is a key philosophy in his work. His choice cuts have found their home on the Rush Hour label, the Amsterdam imprint he’s closely connected with. With a forthcoming collaborative project with Japanese artist Soichi Terada, awe-inspiring remixes for Palms Trax and Tom Noble and his hard-hitting solo ep ‘New Dance' winning the hearts of many dance aficionados around the globe, a prospect is emerging as brightly as his party’s name.

Together with Kamma, he runs the dance party series Brighter Days, a colourful get-together celebrating dance music culture to the fullest. Brighter Days pushes the spirit of friendship and togetherness on the dancefloor, welcoming local talent along tastemakers such as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Hunee, Kuniyuki, DJ Spinna and many more.

With Brighter Days he hosts a monthly radioshow on Worldwide FM. A two-hour show that is playfully traveling through dance-floor go-to’s, recent digs and personal classics. A warm and energetic journey reflecting on the signs of the time with an uplifting message.

Recently Masalo contributed in the creation of Doka Studio together with a dedicated team of local creatives. Located in the east-side of Amsterdam, Doka Studio is a sound bar and dance club focussing on immersive sound experiences. An intimate space with high-end audio equipement where subcultures unite and young talents and established protagonists resonate their soundwaves into the night.

Masalo lives and breathes music with a raw and unadulterated approach to good vibes over from Amsterdam to the world.  

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Marc Gimeno
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