Already a legendary figure in electronic music, Chez Damier has played close witness to many of the pivotal moments in the history of house and techno. Jointly responsible with studio partner Ron Trent for both Prescription Records - widely recognised as one of the greatest house labels of all time - and ‘The Morning Factory’ - one of the most ethereal jams ever to rock a room - Chez Damier is a true deep house pioneer. More than that, the Chicago DJ has played pivotal roles in the development of KMS, The Music Institute and The Bellville Three, hallowed pieces of musical history that prove his contribution to dance music over the years.

As an artist Chez Damier represents a unique blend; he is as impetuous and daring as now as in 1989 and being able to qualify this with his own unique heritage makes his releases and DJ performances doubly formidable. Today his sets are entirely unique, not just because of the experience and knowledge he can call upon. After something of a hiatus, a series of releases for the German label Mojuba signalled that he was on his way back to show the young pretenders the way and nowadays he has taken the torch of Prescription by launching Balance Alliance as a home for some of the most forward thinking and talented producers he deems fit to join him on the imprint. Studio partnerships with Parisian Ben Vedren has reignited the production flame under several alias, and so now he is back making his best work once more. A regular around the world from DC10 in Ibiza to Smart Bar Chicago and many more, Chez Damier is a modern house hero.

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Marc Gimeno
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