Sadar Bahar (DJ)

Soul in the Hole

Born in Newark, NJ during the late 60's his family relocated in Chicago in the early 70's. He began his DJ pursuit when he was a child. His mom brought him a set of Technique turntables, and the rest is history.

He knew at a very early age that he was destined to pursue a career doing what he loved, creating unique sounds of music Music has always been his passion.

He always hung around the older "old school" crowd who played house. They would play the game,"What you know about this?". They really influenced his interest and increased his desire to learn more about the unique sound of deep, deep house music. Later on some of these same individuals would tell him, "Man, your sounds are too deep for me". He began his DJ career in the early 80's playing house, deep house and rare disco exclusively. During this time Chicago was filled with DJs who played house and disco sounds. However he chose a different direction, playing rare, hard- to- find grooves. When some of the best-known, popular DJs whom he admired referred to him as a serious deep house music collector, a monster was born. All I wanted to do was visit different record stores. Sadar developed a unquenchable desire to create one of the best collections ever. For many years, he spent most of his time in record shops seeking vintage deep house sounds. He soon realized that while he was out searching for the deepest house music people had practically stopped playing music, and instead they were playing beat tracks only. Yet they were referring to these tracks as house songs. This was not "original" house music! I then retreated even deeper into house music . My partners and I began developing our own unique sound, known as SOUL IN THE HOLE music We sought out the deepest hot stuff available and found out that there was so much untapped music Our search practically took over our lives. Yet, it was a great investment, because our unique collection has given us dominance. We have stayed true to the game of spinning, and avoided the tracks and techno/electronics. For us, it's strictly vinyl and vinyl only.  Sadar says “ I thank God for the opportunity to travel the world and share and learn more about this muzik that I love. Music lovers are the same all over the world. In many of the countries I have visited there were often language barriers, however, once the music began to play, we were able to communicate through our music” Music really is the universal language


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